Our ambassadors - Portraits

The JurAbsolu ambassadors from the Bresse Haute Seille region tell you their stories and those of their businesses, as well as their motivations and future projects!

Discover these passionate men and women committed to their region.

Domaine Baud- Generation 9
1, 2, 3 le gîte
The Chiffogne stable
T'nature - Nature tours

The role of JurAbsolu ambassadors

The Tourist Office ambassadors play an active role in the life and promotion of Bresse Haute Seille.

Together, we're promoting our region and all its riches! This will enable visitors to find out more about what Bresse & Vignobles has to offer.

Become a JurAbsolu Ambassador

If you too are committed to our Bresse Haute Seille region and would like to become an ambassador, contact us! We'd be delighted to visit you for a few hours to find out more about your business.