Villages & Cités de Caractère

Retrouvez les villages et cités de caractère de la destination Bresse et Vignobles !

Les villages de la destination Bresses et Vignoble du Jura sont nombreux. Parmi ces villages, certains se distinguent grâce à leurs histoires et caractère.

A town of character in Burgundy Franche Comté, Arlay lies on both banks of the Seille. Its hills offer superb views over the Bresse Haute Seille region. The village still retains traces of past centuries. Foundations of buildings, coins, statuettes, vases, inscriptions... have all been found beneath the city's soil. These debris attest to Arlay's past grandeur and prosperity.

Château-Chalon is a must-see village in the region between Bresse and the Jura vineyards. Nestled on its rocky outcrop, it is admirable from below, offering panoramic views from its belvederes. It is classified as one of France's most beautiful villages. Take advantage of your vacation in Bresse Haute Seille to discover this village and its vineyards, world-famous for their yellow wine.

Mirebel means "beautiful view". The origins of this village date back to Gallo-Roman times (before the 12th century). The site of the château offers a 360° view of Lac de Chalain, the Burgundy mountains, Mont Poupet and the Alps... Mirebel is a must-see in the Bresse Haute Seille region!

Ruffey-sur-Seille has been inhabited since Neolithic times. Take the time to discover Ruffey-sur-Seille in the Jura, a village with a rich historical heritage and crossed by the river Seille, through a guided tour, an outdoor escape game or a family outing.

Sellières is best known for its apple festival in October. The church without the steeple, and conversely the steeple without the church, as well as the Musée des Salières, make Sellières a charming place to visit in the Jura.

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