AOC Château-Chalon, the superb

The Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée Château-Chalon, obtained in 1936, is the conscript of the AOC Arbois. Both are among the oldest appellations. AOC Château-Chalon produces exclusively vin jaune, a yellow wine made from Savagnin, a grape variety endemic to the region. Château-Chalon is also the historic birthplace of this Jura wine.

Geographical area :

Château-Chalon's production area is extremely small, equivalent to 60 hectares. However, this is what makes it so rare and excellent. The grapes are harvested, vinified, made and aged in the following communes of the Jura department: Château-Chalon, Domblans, Menétru-le-Vignoble, Nevy-sur-Seille.

Château-Chalon, the legendary :

This wine is so mysterious that a number of hypotheses have been put forward in an attempt to understand its origins.

Some theorize that a winegrower left a barrel of Savagnin for the war. The wine oxygenated because it had not been topped up for several years.

Others say that the abbesses of Château-Chalon were already studying wine and wine-making in the 7th century. They are said to have discovered this method of maturing wine under veil.

What's certain, however, is that many personalities appreciated and praised this typically Jura wine. Among them were King Henri IV, Tsar Nicholas II and General De Gaulle.

Château-Chalon, the patient :

The village of Château-Chalon is listed as one of the "Most Beautiful Villages in France". From its rocky outcrop, it watches over the vineyards of the same name. This wine is an ode to excellence and patience, aged in oak barrels for six years and three months.

But blessed is the man who waits these six long years, for a golden-robed beverage awaits him.

  • Intense golden color.
  • On the nose, an explosion of persistent notes of nuts, spices and dried fruit, with subtle floral notes.
  • On the palate, aromas intensify. Power and character are the order of the day. Notes of walnut and white flowers.

Wine and food pairing :

As an aperitif, pair your Château-Chalon AOC with walnuts and diced Comté cheese. It's also a perfect match for creamy poultry or spicy curry dishes.

Did you know?

AOC Château-Chalon is sold in a special bottle. This bottle is called a "clavelin". The clavelin contains 62 cL, which is what remains of a liter of wine after six years and three months of aging. At the end of ageing, 38% of the wine has evaporated, known as the "Angel's Share".