Natural heritage

Admire the varied landscapes of the Bresse Haute Seille region from one of the many viewpoints or along one of the many hiking trails. Ponds, vineyards, remote areas... Take the time to admire the diversity that never tires!

See the list of natural heritage sites between Bresse and Vignobles du Jura at the bottom of the page.

The JurAbsolu destination in Bresse Haute Seille offers a multitude of landscapes.

You can admire them among the vines, around the ponds, in the forest or from the many belvederes throughout the region. A number of nature trails are available to help you get a closer look at this heritage.

Discover the hikes available in the destination between Bresse and Vignobles du Jura.

Protecting this heritage

We all need to be aware of the importance of keeping our environment as natural as possible. To be responsible tourists, we must :

  • Respecting the natural world around us
  • Ban forest fires
  • Collecting and sorting our waste
  • Stay on existing routes
  • Be vigilant and read the regulations
  • Respect the owners of private property
  • Remote observation in sensitive areas
  • Favoring soft mobility
  • Check that swimming is permitted before getting wet

Étang de la folie, Relans, Jura
Étang de la folie, Relans

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Natural Heritage List